In Office Clarifix Cryotherapy

Why ClariFix?

Typical nasal allergy symptoms for many patients are no longer relieved with the typical treatments and nasal medications such as sprays, drops, and pills. Those who struggle with chronic congestion and/or a chronic runny nose that can’t be treated with the standard medications have what is called chronic rhinitis. Until recently, there was very little they could do to find relief.

A breakthrough technology approved by the FDA, ClariFix cryotherapy can finally give people (including pregnant women looking for pregnancy rhinitis relief) freedom from chronic rhinitis relief. ClariFix targets the posterior nasal nerve (PNN), which signals and notifies the nose and nasal tissue whether it should start secreting mucus or become congested.

The ClariFix Procedure

  • Dr. Bublik places the ClariFix cryoablation device also called the ClariFix balloon into your nose.
  • With the help of an endoscope camera (which provides light and excellent visualization) Dr. Bublik maneuvers the ClariFix cryoablation device so that its near the PNN. Using nitrogen gas, the PNN is then quickly cooled to reduce the PNN’s activity.
  • The ClariFix cryotherapy procedure last around only 3 minutes.

ClariFix Benefits

  • The ClariFix cryotherapy procedure is relatively painless, and patients and is done under local anesthesia in the office.
    Some patients report a brief headache after the procedure.
  • The ClariFix cryotherapy procedure has long-lasting results. Many people report improvement from their chronic rhinitis lasts for a year or more.
  • Patients can leave their doctor’s office 30 minutes after the procedure.

How Does ClariFix Cryotherapy Work?

  • The ClariFix Cryotherapy device goes straight to the source of the symptoms – the out-of-balance nerves.
  • Using a minimally-invasive treatment called ‘cryotherapy’, the ClariFix device interrupts the signals from these nerves to reduce your runny, stuffy nose symptoms.
  • When the cold temperature hits the out-of-balance nerves, the nerve signals are temporarily interrupted. The nerves are no longer telling the nose to drip, run and swell.

Before ClariFix

During ClariFix

After ClariFix



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