Welcome to Southern California ENT and Allergy Associates SCENTAA

Dr. Michael Bublik founded SCENTAA to provide compassionate, cutting edge medical and surgical care for patients suffering from chronic allergies, facial pain, headaches or other sinus or ENT conditions. He has 10-plus years of experience diagnosing and treating patients with complex medical issues; Dr. Bublik is a respected member of the medical community and he is known not only for his expertise, but also for the caring attention he provides to his patients.

Dr. Bublik’s busy practice offers hope for patients who have suffered for years and may not have found the appropriate care for their conditions. His records are filled with thankful patients who have experienced, following expert treatment, total relief of their sinus, allergy and ENT problems.

If you suffer from chronic allergies or sinus problems and are ready to finally live your life to the fullest, now it’s the right time to call Dr. Michael Bublik’s office and schedule an appointment or call (818) 649-1433.


In-Office Balloon Sinuplasty:

Balloon Sinuplasty is a procedure that has helped patients find relief from chronic sinusitis and chronic nasal congestion.

In-Office Allergy Treatment:

Allergies can cause severe sinus and breathing issues. We offer diagnosis and treatment of allergies in the office.

ENT Services:

Comprehensive ENT care in an environment that prides itself on clinical excellence and compassionate, patient-focused care.

LA’s Preferred Sinus and Allergy Doctor

Dr. Michael Bublik M.D. is a triple board-certified surgeon who specializes in diseases of the head and neck and specifically the nasal and sinus area. He is a leading ears, nose, and throat specialist in Southern California and arguably the top sinus surgeon in Los Angeles. Together with his team, he provides patients with unparalleled quality of care for nasal and sinus disorders offering the latest minimally invasive technologies for patient comfort and quick recovery.