Ear Wax Removal

Ear wax is completely normal and it is actually good to have some ear wax to protect our ears. 

Sometimes our bodies produce too much which can lead to some of the symptoms below.

Common signs of ear wax impaction are:

  • Hearing loss 
  • Ear Fullness/Muffled
  • Itchiness
  • Tinnitus (Ear Ringing)
  • Vertigo/Dizziness
  • Ear ache
  • Ear infections 
  • Cough

How is Ear Wax Removed?

One of our providers gently cleans the ears by first assessing the ear canal with an Otoscope (a tool used to look into the ear canal) and then the ear canal is gently cleaned.

Small tools are used which will be determined by the provider depending on the ear canal anatomy, degree of impaction and consistency of the wax etc. 

After the first visit, we discuss a treatment plan which will consist of Ear Wax Maintenance around every 6 months.  (Sometimes shorter or longer intervals depending on the patient and how much wax they produce/the symptoms it causes etc)  

We do not recommend qtip use, ear candling, flushing the ear or using any devices in an attempt to remove the wax yourself.  

Ear Wax Removal/ Ear Wax Maintenance is a safe and effective way to clean your ears.


If you plan on getting a hearing test, a proactive approach would be to get your ears checked for ear wax prior.

Before the Audiologist can do the hearing test, they check the ears to make sure they are clean.

If there is ear wax, then they will recommend ear wax removal prior to doing the test to ensure quality results.

Good news is that this can be done with us.



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