Is Chronic Sinusitis Holding You Back From Living Your Life To The Fullest?

Dr. Michael Bublik, a widely-published and highly respected ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist with triple board certification in otolaryngology, allergy, and facial plastics, sees many new patients in his busy private practice who are long-time sufferers of chronic sinusitis. These patients often suffer with multiple symptoms that detrimentally affect their ability to enjoy life to the fullest. Some of the bothersome symptoms include face pain, face pressurechronic sinus headachesdifficulty breathing through the nose, fatigue and sleep problems caused by difficulty breathing.

Sinusitis symptoms often get misdiagnosed as allergies, colds and upper respiratory infections share similar symptoms. Yet, chronic sinusitis is a specific category of disease. Even when properly diagnosed, conventional treatments for chronic sinusitis such as antibiotics, decongestants, analgesics, antitussives, irrigation, and cortisone nasal sprays may offer short term relief as bothersome symptoms often return. The fact that about one in seven Americans suffer from chronic sinusitis suggests that these conventional treatments are not very effective.

Dr. Bublik has extensive training and experience with the latest medical and surgical management of sinusitis, including Balloon Sinuplasty, and has achieved uniformly excellent outcomes. After careful evaluation of a patient’s symptoms, clear understanding of the medical history and, after addressing any underlying allergies that may be wreaking havoc in the patient’s sinuses, Dr. Bublik may recommend Balloon Sinuplasty as an effective and safe treatment for chronic sinusitis.

Balloon Sinuplasty works by unblocking the drainage passages of the nose with the use of balloons; this idea is very similar to the balloon angioplasty used to clear arteries of the heart. During the procedure a tiny balloon mounted on the end of a catheter is carefully inserted by Dr. Bublik into the opening of the patient’s sinus cavity. The balloon is gently inflated to expand the sinus passageway. The balloon is then deflated and removed, allowing normal sinus function to resume. The entire procedure takes less than one hour under local anesthesia and is performed in the comfort of Dr. Bublik’s offices in Glendale or Beverly Hills.

Disrupted sleep, constant pain and discomfort, and inability to fully focus on or perform daily tasks are serious consequences of chronic sinusitis. Are you ready to stop chronic sinusitis from holding you back? If so, call Dr. Michael Bublik’s offices in Glendale or Beverly Hills and speak to his friendly and knowledgeable staff about scheduling a consultation with Dr. Bublik to determine if you are a good candidate for Balloon Sinuplasty.



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