Turbinate Reduction

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Turbinate reduction surgery is performed for enlarged turbinates due to nasal congestion, allergies or polyps. Dr. Bublik performs the surgery either in the office or in the operating room.

Technology used


Painless in-office reduction without the need to go to the operating room.

Coblation® turbinate reduction procedures use a Coblation-channeling® technique designed to simultaneously remove and shrink submucosal turbinate tissue while leaving the mucosal lining virtually undisturbed.

The unique action of Coblation technology creates channels by ablating tissue as the Wand is inserted into the turbinate. For tissue shrinkage, a submucosal necrotic lesion is created around the tissue channel. This dual therapy creates an immediate reduction in nasal airway obstruction. Submucosal lesions are created in approximately 10 seconds. This makes Coblation turbinate reduction an ideal outpatient procedure; performed in the office setting under local anesthesia or in the operating room in conjunction with other surgical procedures.

PK SMR Turbinate Blade

The PK SMR blade combines the benefits of precise control and minimal morbidity for inferior turbinate resection along with the addition of electrosurgical functionality.


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