Do you have Nasal Congestion?

Posted September 11th, 2018

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms? If so, you may be one of more than 20 million Americans suffering from nasal obstruction and Dr. Michael Bublik can help you.

Nasal Congestion Symptoms

Nasal obstruction restricts airflow through the nose and often negatively impacts one’s quality of life. One of the most common causes of nasal obstruction is nasal valve collapse (NVC), which occurs as a result of weak lateral (side wall) nasal cartilage collapsing inward when a person inhales.

Dr. Bublk offers LATERA™, an absorbable nasal implant that supports this cartilage. You can self-test for NVC by performing the Cottle maneuver. Does your breathing improve when you pull on your cheek to hold your nostril to the side? If yes, talk to Dr. Bublik about options to support your lateral nasal cartilage, which may include the LATERA™ implant. Patients who received the implant reported improved satisfaction with their breathing (86%) and appearance (93%) results.

LATERA™ Implant Video Education

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